Please note that due to low numbers and to ensure the services can be provided indefinitely, children from Cedar Park School are collected FROM CEDAR PARK SCHOOL'S RECEPTION and taken to Widmer End Combined School just a 5 minute walk away.


We provide the School with a list of who is coming and our team collect Reception and Y1 children from their classrooms, with all other children meeting us in the music room. 

Registration and booking forms can be found below (Cedar Park has different sessions) but for all other details please visit the Widmer End page. Please also note that for BREAKFAST CLUB this is held independently at Cedar Park and you will need to contact the School Office for details.


Ofsted Registration Number :EY536184

Telephone Numbers

For Booking and Enquiries  : 07841 018726    LINES OPEN MON - FRI 7.30AM -6.00PM

To speak to a Team Member at the Club during Opening Times: 07518 396149

Policy and procedures can be viewed here

Open till 6.00pm



​We run two sessions with different finish times to cater for most needs.  Please see our Booking Forms at the bottom of this page for details.



To use our Clubs you must first register with us.



Booking Forms are normally on our website for the entire academic year. Each Booking Form covers one half of a Term.

Once registered, there are two different ways you can make a booking depending on your requirements.

Please note we reserve the right to not accept a child if we have had no booking for them and cannot accept a child that is not registered with us or who does not have on them medication they may need whilst at club. We ask that if your child does have medication such as an Epipen that you supply us with our own medication for safekeeping and you must complete and return to us a hard copy of the Administering Medicine From (Click here) along with any care plan that your child might have.

1. BOOKING ADHOC – Standard Rate

You are welcome to email or call us throughout the term with your requirements as and when you know them. Subject to availability we can offer you access to our Clubs at short notice/same day. As our Sessions are Non-Refundable and cannot be swapped for another day (see cancellation policy below), this option caters for parents who do not need the same Sessions each week or who do not know their requirements in advance. ​ If booking for more than two Sessions at a time we ask that you still complete a Booking Form and send payment with the Booking. We appreciate sometimes children may turn up at very short notice and without a Booking Form, in these cases we will send you an invoice for payment the week after. 

2. BOOKING IN ADVANCE – Early Bird Rate

For those parents who know their requirements for the coming Half Term and want to guarantee their place, we can offer a Discounted Early Bird Rate. Simply complete a Booking Form at the bottom of this page and return it to us with payment before that Term's Early Bird Booking Deadline. Early Bird Deadline are shown on the form and on our website. To qualify for the Early Bird Rate payments must be made by the dates shown on the Booking Form.


Note: You can mix both the above approaches to best suit your circumstances. If you are waiting for the list of your School's Clubs to be announced, you can book in advance at the Early Bird Rate the days you know there will be no clubs and then add extra days later at the Standard Rate.

Our Terms and Conditions of booking which can be found on our booking forms apply to all bookings made, irrespective of the method used to book.


Because our aim is to always have space available (subject to room maximum capacity) for parents that book in before the start of a Half a Term so that parents have faith in childcare always being available, we will look at the number of bookings at the beginning of the coming Half Term and staff accordingly, rather than setting a maximum number of places based on a fixed number of staff. For this reason, we do not Refund or Swap any Bookings made for the current Half Term once it has begun.

You can however Cancel or Amend any Bookings made for any future dates beyond the current Half of Term, free of charge, up until the first day of the Half of Term the Booking relates too.

BOOKING FORMS ( 1 child only per form, if booking for two or more children please use a separate form per child).


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