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Naphill and Walters Ash School

How to Book

Due to being very popular, Parents who use our club can do so on a Contract Basis. We do however allow extra sessions to be booked Ad Hoc if there is space available.

Contract booking


Contract bookings are where parents commit to paying for the same sessions and days each week (term time only), irrespective of if they are used or not . This gives parents peace of mind that once they gain a place at club it remains theirs until they give notice to cancel.

To request a place please


2. Complete the CONTRACT BOOKING REQUEST FORM (Click here).


Terms and conditions applying to your contract can be found here


Submitting a Booking Request does not guarantee a place.  We will confirm availability with you. Once confirmed the contract will be binding and ongoing until notice to terminate the contract has been received or given. (see below).

Amending / cancelling your contract


When a session/day/entire contract is cancelled it will be permanently removed from your booking pattern. There is no option to just cancel a one-off session (though please make sure you let us know if your child wont be coming on any day booked).


If cancelling or reducing your booking pattern, you need to give at least five working term time days in the previous month, you can request it to come into effect anytime from the first Monday of the following month.


We will not credit sessions for non-attendance.


If you wish to add sessions on an ongoing basis, please email, requesting the additional sessions. 




This will be sent via email on the last day of the month for the following month.  We appreciate this will add a slight delay in some parents processing payment and we ask that you do so as soon as possible, but no later than the 14th of the month the booking relates to.  The invoice will now show each day, session, cost and child booked for the entire month.  Invoice Reminders will NOT be sent so please ensure you action as soon as received.

Ad hoc Bookings 

Should you wish to add extra days or just book ad hoc, please call 07841 018726 between 9am and 3pm term time. 

PLEASE NOTE we can only make ad hoc bookings up to 14 days in advance and once booked are not refundable.

You will need to be registered with us to REGISTER YOUR CHILD (Click here).

Sessions Prices

Below are our prices for both Contract and Ad hoc bookings. They are different per site


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