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Brookmead School 

We are always looking at ways we can improve our service and would therefore like to give parents the opportunity to help influence how the club booking model runs moving forward, the two options to consider are listed below.

Contract Bookings - (like the current system) where parents commit to paying for the same sessions and days each week, irrespective of if they are used or not. 

Ad hoc bookings - where parents have the flexibility of choosing the days and sessions wanted each week and only paying for those sessions.


Listed below is more information about how both would work (please note for contract bookings there will be some changes from the current terms offered).


Contract booking



  • Guaranteed place each week as original booking is ongoing.

  • Cheaper session rates due to long term commitment and our ability to plan staffing.



  • Sessions not required are not refunded (please note the current option to cancel a session with 14 days notice to obtain a credit will be removed).

  • 30 days notice required to remove/add a session from the ongoing booking.

  • No option to add extra ad hoc sessions.

  • Sessions must be paid in month blocks in advance.


Ad hoc Booking


  • Each week you have until midnight on the Sunday to select the sessions you require (if any) for the coming week. 

  • Payment as and when you book sessions.

  • All sessions booked online.

  • For those who know their long term plans, session can be booked months in advance (however note payment is due at time of booking).

  • Session will be credited if cancelled with 15 days notice



  • Session prices are more expensive due to the uncertainty of demand.  We do however offer a discounted EARLY BIRD price where bookings for the following month must be made and paid for by 23.59hrs on the 21st of the current month to qualify.

  • Over time if demand for a certain day drops, we will adjust staffing accordingly and therefore should there be a sudden need for a certain day (for example if another after school club stopped unexpectedly) there is a small chance that a session will be full.


BM Compariosn bc.png
BM Compariosn asc.png

Please note whatever option is chosen, prices will rise in line with costs each year in September. VOTING CLOSES FRIDAY 10TH FEBRUARY WITH CHANGES STARTING 1ST MARCH


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