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Keeping Everyone Safe- Covid Operating Changes




From September and until further notice we will be running our Clubs slightly differently to ensure the safety of the Children and our Team.

Drop Off and Pick Up Times

As you will be aware some Schools are staggering their Drop Off and Pick Up times. We have been working with the Schools and we will ensure your child is dropped off and collected at the correct time.  You do not need to take any further action.

Where the Schools Drop Off and Pick Up times are greater in length than the session paid for, we will not be charging any extra for longer time at Quackers.


Schools will keep children in Bubbles, which are small groups that do not mix with other bubbles.

As a Wrap Around Care Provider we are allowed to mix these bubbles as numbers will be lower than at School, however we have worked hard with our Schools and we will be separating the children at Club into the same bubbles that the School operates.

Location of Clubs

We have worked with the Schools to ensure we have sufficient space so that we can accommodate all children in the same area, whilst allowing space for social distancing between bubbles. From September we will be using Schools Halls where available to allow us to do this.

We will email Parents several days before the start of term to update you on your Clubs location within the School/Site.

Changes to Club Practices

You can find a copy of our Risk Assessment here.

Please note the following changes resulting from this Assessment.

• During arrival and dismissal, parents must adhere to the latest social distancing guidelines 
• Each bubble will have their own register
• Quackers Staff will counter sign the children in and out with parents’ permission, ensuring that staff/parents do not have to share pens and/or sign in
• Parents will not be allowed access to the building and must collect outside
• On arrival ALL children will be asked to wash their hands 
• On arrival ALL staff will wash their hands 
• Chairs and tables to be set up to adhere to the latest social distance guidance 
• Staff will reinforce ‘personal bubble’ rules to maintain social distancing 
• Hand Sanitiser will be available for staff, children and parents where needed
• Tissues/wipes will always be available 
• Staff will continue to promote key messages of hygiene and well-being as per Government Guidelines 
• Staff will reassure children regularly that steps are being taken to keep them safe 
• Staff will clean all surfaces and resources after use. Not all equipment will be in use.
• We will be outside as much as possible 
• Snacks will be served by the bubbles Team Member and eaten within their bubble, potentially at staggered times from other bubbles
• Room will be ventilated by open windows

We will continue to review and update our practices as required. Should you have any question please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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